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Unlocking the Queen Code: Divine Keys to Reclaiming Your Throne

In Unlocking the Queen Code: Divine Keys to Reclaiming Your Throne, Molesey Crawford shares a year’s supply of divinely inspired simple truths that serve as a daily guide to help you rediscover your Divine Feminine essence, power, and gifts. This book is designed to support you in your ascension process so that you are not alone as you trace your royal roots and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Final 3You’ll find the keys to unlocking your inner brilliance, including:

  • Resolving past baggage and inner clutter.
  • Breaking through self-doubt, trusting your intuition and learning how to be confident in your feminine power.
  • Forgiving yourself so you can win the battle within and reclaim your inner peace.
  • Breaking generational curses and creating a new legacy.
  • Releasing distractions and rising above self-sabotage so you can walk fully in your purpose.

If you’ve been searching, wishing and waiting for a breakthrough, Unlocking the Queen Code will illuminate your path to freedom. It’s time to reclaim your rightful identity and reposition yourself to become the Woman you were created to be.

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From Good to G.R.E.A.T. – 33 Days to Unlocking Your Greatest Potential & Living the Life of Your Dreams

Queen, you have rich potential.

If you’re reading these words, you have a higher calling… a greater destiny… a bigger mission to fulfill. You can feel it, but you may be wondering “how do I get there?

It’s only when you develop and realize your power that you become the influential leader you were destined to be.

In her first book, Molesey Crawford shares the 5 Keys to living the G.R.E.A.T. Life:


  • Operate in your God-given purpose.
  • Be Resilient.
  • Be Empowered.
  • Be Authentic.
  • Trust Divine Timing.

This message is for women who desire to lead with purpose, passion and influence. If you are ready to tap into forgotten and unrealized potential, get your copy today!

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$9.99 (Kindle)