Queen, do you know your purpose? I can help…

Peace Queen,

Aligning your life with your purpose is the bridge to crossing over to the Queendom Dimension.

If you do not know your purpose, it’s time to finally discover why you’re here.

My purpose, my gift and calling is to help Queens worldwide discover their purpose and live royally in it.

I can reveal to you why you’re here and the work you are called to do in the world.

Years ago, I decoded my purpose and since then I have helped hundreds of Queens around the world define and reclaim their calling. 

Through my powerful process called: The Royal Path M.A.P. (Mission Aligned Plan) I am able to help you discover your purpose and clearly detail the steps to take to align with the Queen that you’re called to be.

This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.  You will be working with me personally in this process.

My Sister, in this season, you deserve to be clear in your vision and confident that the actions you are taking will lead you back to a place of power.

Watch the FB Live below as I share how to align your life with purpose.

If this message resonates with you, send a request to support@TheQueenCode.com for more details on how to receive your personalized Royal Path M.A.P.

Stay committed,


Your Sister on the Path



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  1. Queen
    I feel that god is building things in me to develop the qualities necessary to survive my own prayers. my willingness to be patient with the things I need to make my life a better path a single mother of 3 kids who I work nights and days to provide for them. I never used government assistances, work two jobs with out a high school diploma, God gave me a job that you would have to have a college degree. My job is basic on social work, helping others with keeping food, lights, and a place to stay.I need help with making change with myself to have some paper work to hold me to where god is taking me to. faith to step out on faith knowledge to know gods word to make change, educations to get me to the next step. I have talents that god has given me! my fear is that I might cant read it correctly that’s my biggest fear. I wont more but that’s the only thing that’s holding me back from me being ahead in life. just wont to be free from my learning disability, my written comprehension & reading needs to be at a 12 grade comprehension

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