Molesey-Crawford-the-queen-code“Everything that we need to reach our fullest expression is already within us. We arrive encoded with who we’re destined to be. Our job is to decipher and unlock our Queen Code™.”

That’s the message Molesey Crawford shares – and the message she lives. Despite her humble beginnings, growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood in Florence, South Carolina, Molesey believed in a greater destiny and she was determined to find it.

Using her passion as a guide, Molesey began competing in pageantry in her teenage years, giving back to those in her community. For over ten years and 40 competitions, she used the pageantry platform to teach the power of personal development and perseverance – despite the odds. Her dedication led to numerous local, state and national titles and crowns. That same dedication also garnered her a Bachelors of Science in Criminology from the University of South Carolina’s Honors College and extraordinary financial success in the business world.

As Molesey stepped out of her comfort zone, she made many great discoveries. She says,

“Contrary to popular belief, the sky is NOT the limit. The best kept secret of life is that there are no limits. The only limits that ever exist are the ones we create in our minds.”

In 2010, with over a decade of experience in public speaking and community outreach, Molesey became a published author with her first book: From Good to G.R.E.A.T: 33 Days to Unlocking Your Greatest Potential & Living the Life of Your Dreams. As Molesey continued to connect the dots in her own life, she started the The Queen Code™ movement for women of great potential searching for their destiny. She called them “Queens searching for their thrones”. Dubbed the “21st Century Harriet Tubman”, Molesey’s mission became freeing the hearts and minds of women to find their passion, pursue their destiny and step into their feminine power.

Through her seminars, coaching programs, and countless newspaper, radio and television interviews, Molesey passionately teaches the keys to unlocking the Queen Code™.

Molesey’s life story is characterized as a journey where limitations were replaced with possibilities. She shares that “our greatest work is to realize our highest potential. To believe that there is more to who you are, and to follow your heart to find the keys to the kingdom is a noble pursuit.”

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