Queen Ascension: Private Group Retreat on the Lake

March 16-18, 2018 | Columbia, SC

Join Molesey Crawford for a relaxing 3-Day retreat dedicated to nourishing the feminine spirit and nurturing our bond of Sisterhood.

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“I am a Queen… and all my life I have been trying to get back to my throne.”

They were the truest words I had ever spoken. The year was 2009, and I had hit rock bottom. I thought I had it all together. And then one day… in a flash… my world was turned upside down.

For so many years, I had been hustling and striving towards my dreams, but after another failed business and more setbacks than I could count, I was broke, burnt out, exhausted and depressed.

I wanted to live a life of purpose… I wanted to do something that made a difference. No matter how much I searched or how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get there.

What was wrong with me?

My greatest fear was that I was stuck for good this time and I would never break free. I was so afraid that I would wake up, years later, even decades later, realizing that I had missed my destiny… that life had passed me by. I was afraid that I would never become the woman I was meant to be.

I was scattered into a thousand pieces.

I felt scared and alone and suffered in silence.

I couldn’t see my way clear…

Life happened and I lost my way.

So, for the first time in my life, I went within myself. I got still and quiet enough to finally pay attention to what was stirring inside me. I got still enough to deeply feel my own pain, take a look at my fears, and hear the whispers of my own heart. What I discovered was that I had been playing small, dimming my light, giving my power away… running from who I truly am.

I had forgotten who I was…

And on that day, I began to remember.

A woman of great potential searching for her destiny is a Queen searching for her throne…

I began to reconnect to my inner Divinity, the Great Queen within. I realized that my craving was not for the next level… I was ready for a higher dimension. I was ready to return to my throne. That was Home to me. That’s where I knew I belonged.

In this new awareness, I now understood why I always had a grand vision of the future. I finally understood why I always strived for better and could never settle for mediocrity. It finally clicked for me, why I had never been happy with my life. The intangible thing I was searching for was my throne. My destiny, my purpose, my own personal point of power. I was meant to be more, and I wasn’t living up to my full potential. It was on that day that I consciously began the journey of returning to my throne.

Queen, your throne is not a place “out there.” Finding your throne is about finding yourself and discovering who you are on a very deep level. It is about connecting with your inner truth and bringing that truth into the world.

Being Queen was my inner truth, and by 2011, I was courageously sharing my discovery with other women.  I realized that there is a profound feminine awakening occurring, and it is a quiet riot.  The evolution is taking place in the hearts of women all around the globe.

I knew there were a lot of lost Queens out there, and as I made my pilgrimage from a Queen in the wilderness to a Queen on my throne, I discovered my true purpose of being a vessel for helping others find the way back to their royal home.

With the notes I had taken during my personal process of Queen Ascension, I created a blueprint.  I began to create videos and post messages that stretched across every social media outlet.  Within a few years, these messages had transformed the lives of millions of women globally.  From Africa, to Europe, Australia, the Americas, and every place in between, women have been positively impacted by the message of Queen Ascension.  What started out as a simple confession has now transformed into a Sisterhood with worldwide influence.

My Sister, you have a greater purpose.

You are meant to brilliantly shine in your feminine power. You are meant to thrive in wisdom, peace, prosperity, abundance, beauty, and compassion.

You are meant to lead with your feminine gifts. You have the power to effect positive change just by your presence. You can build nations. You can move mountains with your influence.

You are meant to be a shining example of what is possible when a woman discovers who she truly is…

You’ve been encoded with a promise to become a reigning Queen… But the promise is only activated if you are willing to go through your ascension process…

If you are experiencing:


Beginning to question everything about your life. Nothing seems to work as it used to.  You know you are at a breaking point and something MUST change.  You know there’s more to life and you want something better.  You just need clarity on where to start.


An intense craving to know on a deeper level: Why am I here? What am I really meant to do?  You are ready to do the work that you were created to do… 100%.


An increased desire to slow down and get back to what really matters.


Heightened intuition, lucid dreaming, repeating number patterns and stunning synchronicities throughout your day.


A desire to speak and write, to create something that really makes a difference.


Instant manifestation of your desires. You can think of something or express what you want and it immediately appears.


Craving peace over struggle.


Craving, simplicity, quiet time and solitude.

No, you are not crazy. The next dimension is calling and it’s time to ascend.

I was in a place where I knew I was on the cusp of something amazing about to break through, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was or where it was or how to access it. I was stuck in life. I was always on edge, aggravated with one thing or another. I was trapped in the cycle of doing more and more things, stacking up accomplishments and accolades but still feeling empty inside.  Now my life is completely different because Molesey’s teachings! All the years of wandering in the wilderness of my pain, confusion and weirdness… in a matter of months I had the keys to freedom. I settled long held, negative belief systems and destructive thought patterns and gained the spiritual and practical tools that helped me create the lifestyle I’ve craved for years.  Working with Molesey was the single GREATEST decision I’ve made for myself and the most transformative experience of my life. It completely shifted everything for me. If there is any cell in your body that is resonating with a piece of her message, yield to that immediately!  You won’t regret your decision.  Lori Bell, The Yes Process

Queen Ascension is a woman’s journey from scatteredness to wholeness… from powerlessness to purpose. It’s the path to remembering who you really are.

It’s time to rise above suffering, struggle, survival and burnout and rediscover your inner Divinity… the Great Queen within you.

There are stages of awakening on the Path to Queen Ascension. In this 3-Day Private Retreat, I’m personally walking you through each stage as you cross over to reclaim your throne.

I lacked clarity.  I knew that I had a calling to uplift women for many years, but I was afraid to share my truth. I still clung to my old ways and waded around in what was familiar. Working with Molesey and her teachings, I now have a clear vision about what I am called to do and the courage to do it.  I have a strategic road map to follow.  I feel validate from within.  I am no longer seeking it from the outside. I am so very thankful for this divine connection.  From the time that I first heard Molesey Crawford’s voice, I wanted to know more. I knew that she had something that I needed.  Molesey’s mentorship has changed my life! I was strengthened to become crystal clear on my calling and how to authentically express my truth.  She helped me to fortify my faith in myself and to tear down the falsehoods that had been holding me back. This is a life changing, transformative experience that you will not want to miss.  Your life will be greatly enriched. ~Karin Haysbert, Queens for Christ 

In our 3-Day Private Retreat, we’ll uncover the keys to unlocking your inner brilliance and ascending to the throne, including…

Sacred Initiation: The Path to rediscovering your Goddess-self and reclaiming your royal identity so you can fulfill your purpose and destiny now.

Making peace with your past, releasing regrets, healing your heart and learning the powerful principles of self-forgiveness.

The Greatest Story Untold: A deeper unveiling of our Her-story (including the significance of Goddess wings) and how you can use these hidden truths to take flight and become unstoppable in your life.

Feminine Leaders Rising For Such a Time as This– How to deal with the pain and responsibility of being a next dimensional feminine leader so you can break free of self-sabotage and reclaim your brilliance as a Messenger Queen.

What to do when you outgrow some family and friends as you’re rising to higher dimensions. How to overcome strained relationships and feeling isolated and alone.

Clear the blockages that keep you scattered, unfocused and unclear about the direction for your life so you can experience greater purpose, fulfillment, wealth, abundance, loving relationships, and anything else you desire.

The powerful ancient secret that I use EVERYDAY to resolve and dissolve my past baggage and inner clutter. (Removing inner blockages is how you become a magnet for wealth and riches.)

How to break through self-doubt and trust your own judgment instead of constantly seeking validation and approval from others. (Second guessing yourself cripples your Intuition and weakens the Queen within)

How to release toxic emotions and forgive yourself for making bad decisions as you invoke the power to make new choices that honor the Queen you are becoming.

The Authenticity Factor: Be real. Be you. Be unafraid to take a stand for yourself. How to release unnecessary roles, unwanted obligations and the need to please others so you can focus on your healing and personal transformation.

How to end constant negative mind chatter and toxic mental loops so you can take back your days and life.

Powerful strategies to building your legacy and creating a blueprint so you can pass it on and empower others.

The Power of Sisterhood:  A new sense of support, organization, cooperation and accountability from other Sister Queens on the same journey.

I can’t say enough about how the Queen Code Movement has enhanced my life. Molesey Crawford is truly an Angelic Luminary. Her creative vision, intuition, knowledge and expertise have shifted my life 180 degrees. I am experiencing phenomenal success on a level I only dreamed possible and it began with Queen Molesey guiding me through firmly establishing my Purpose while releasing everything that was blocking my true Power and Greatness. Her finesse and kindness are unmatched! An investment in her programs is an investment into creating the life you are born to LIVE. Thank you Queen Molesey Crawford for loving us enough to share your wisdom so that we ALL can transform our lives and heal the world! ~Cheri Maree, “The Love Goddess”

A Queen on her throne is a woman who has mastered herself. She’s not perfect, but she is complete. She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfill her mission can be found within. She has uncovered her powers, and she knows how to use them. She’s no longer on The Path; she has become The Path.

“The Queen Code gave me hope in life at a time when I had lost my confidence in everything I was doing. I see Molesey Crawford as my God guardian angel sent from above. Keep doing the great work you are doing. We are blessed as women to have you as a part of our daily lives. May God Bless you!” ~Valerie Mahlatsi, Cost Accountant

Join me and an intimate group of Sister-Queens for a 3-Day Private Retreat on the Lake

March 16-18, 2018 | Columbia, SC

Here’s what you’ll receive:


3-Day access to our beautiful lakeside space.  (Retreat hours only.  Accommodations and lodging are at a different location and not included in the price.  Host hotel information will be provided in your official Welcome Letter.)


A Blueprint for Queen Ascension: I’m personally walking you through the path to reclaiming your throne.


A light breakfast buffet, lunch and hors d’oeuvres will be provided.


BONUS! Immediate access to Over 18+ Full Length Pre-Recorded Master Classes (a $497 value, free)

I’ll be there with you personally, every step of the way, to ensure you see the success you deserve as you trace your royal roots and fulfill your life’s purpose. Join me now.




“The Queen Code was introduced to me by a young lady who felt that Molesey’s message would resonate with me. And surely it did! I was very happy to see Molesey share her message which I totally aligned with. It is so inspiring to know that there are many other women that share the same commitment to supporting this movement and its message. Despite what the news reports, we are building a community that vibrates at a frequency that will eventually transform our world for the better. Sounds idealistic I know. No apologies, it’s my truth!” ~TAMMY, Co-Founder & CEO Artistology, Inc.

Queen, here’s what I want you to know: You are powerful beyond measure…

You are not stuck. You are not confused. There’s something that you haven’t said yes to. Could it be that you haven’t committed to taking your life into your own hands? If you are complaining, blaming and feeling sorry for yourself you are blocking your path to the throne.

You are not a victim. Life is not happening to you. You are creating your experience one choice at a time. You choose how the past affects your present and how the present affects your future. You’re only a few decisions away from everything you could ever want. You must awaken to the responsibility you have to not only transform your life but also the role you play in impacting change in your home, your community, and the world.

In my desire to live a beautiful and abundant life, I have truly been led to the wonderful wisdom of The Queen Code. My heart has always desired, and felt that I have the right to be, do and have all the best in life. Molesey’s work and words of wisdom immediately resonated with that truth in my heart the very moment I watched and listened to her videos. She has freely shared her sincere revelations about unconditional love and believing in ourselves, which is the very key to our custom Queen Code. She reminds us that we all have the code of natural royalty, righteousness, and wealth within us. Her words empower, and inspire us to reach within our very selves to unlock our Queen Code, release our fears and negatives, and gain true understanding of our passions, purpose, and path in life. Molesey is an excellent speaker, and teacher. You will be immediately enlightened and empowered by her simply profound analogies and strategies for abundant life that you can implement now and cherish forever. ~Marley Ariyahu, Owner of Beauty of Tziyon Organic Bath & Beauty

My Sister, this is your time.  I know you are tired of battling the same issues for years and years…living according to other people’s expectations… building and nurturing everyone else’s dream but your own.  It’s time to reclaim your royal birthright.  I know you are ready to reign.  It is not wrong to desire a life of purpose, peace, deep fulfillment, influence, freedom, and wealth on every level.  You are destined to live a life where nothing is impossible to you. Join us now.

Forever Your Sister on the Path,

Your Queen Mentor & Retreat Host:

Molesey Crawford is owner and CEO of The Queen Code, Inc., a company that is dedicated to helping women reclaim their feminine power. Through her seminars, mentoring programs, and countless newspaper, radio and television interviews, Molesey passionately teaches the keys to ascending to the throne. She shares that “our greatest work is to realize our highest potential. To believe that there is more to who you are, and to follow your heart to find the keys to the Queendom is a noble pursuit.”