How Queens Build Wealth.


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How Queens Build Wealth. — 8 Comments

  1. Molesey, thank you so much for creating this video. It is so timely for me as I released two obligations I was committed to yesterday to come into a higher dimension and make room for new blessings to come forth. I am a poet and professional speaker. I’m 26 years old and I reasonate with many things you mentioned you faced at your age. I just ordered Truth Tellers: Awakening Messenger Queens Who Are Destined to Lead in the Age of New Feminism. I cannot wait to study the material and apply it. Peace and blessings, Britney

  2. Wonderful message..💞 I love the way you have delivers this message dear. You have answered my big question about how to get the true wealth to follow the wisdom and she will show me what I have to do and how..🎧💝👏

  3. This was truly a wonderful talk. I’m sixty two years old and I worked so hard and did not know how the truth of who I am . I bought your Queen code I think a couple of years ago . I read it , which opened some many feelings also question . I am truly grateful for The Queen code .

  4. Peace, Queen,
    Thank you for your insightful video. You asked what we think and so I share that I find your message valuable. I’m grateful to you for sharing it. When tuning in I brought my attention to you. Queen, I felt distracted when you interrupted yourself to greet viewers… I stopped watching after the third time (to greet someone from El Paso). One option might be to allow side greetings before you begin, and then you could edit out the first two minutes before posting online. Another possibility could be to turn off incoming messages that lead you to interrupt yourself, until the end if you take questions. I offer my response with appreciation and respect. Thank you Queen.

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