{Goddess Wisdom} Take care of yourself.

Peace Queen,

You are a super woman, but you’re not Superwoman.

Release the weight of thinking you have to do it all yourself in order to be a strong woman. Release yourself from the bondage of rescuing everyone else while ignoring your needs.  Release yourself from the prison of being defined by what you do and how much you do.

You don’t have to prove your worth by working hard and driving yourself into exhaustion.

It is not easy being vulnerable, but you must ask for help.  Reaching out to others when you are truly in need is not weak.  It is a sign of strength and great character.

There are times when you need to push through to victory and there are times when you need help so you can nurture yourself and get some rest.  Listen to your inner wisdom to know the difference.

Take care of yourself.

Your Sister on the Path,


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