{Goddess Wisdom} Reclaim Your Virginity.

Peace Queen,

I’ve been thru some things…

I know you have too.

Between the adversity that I’ve experienced…

All the dreadful things my eyes have seen…

All the heartbreaking things I’ve witnessed or heard…

I developed a belief that something was wrong with me.  Initially, I didn’t know what to call it.

Now I know…

It’s deep shame.

I couldn’t feel it.  I just carried this profound, unconscious belief that…

I am not good. 

This is what happens when the trials of life leave us scattered and disconnected from the truth of who we are.

When we experience heartbreak through betrayal, rejection, injustice, abandonment or humiliation…

We can lose our innocence, our purity of heart and our ability to see good in all things…

We can lose our virgin nature.

True virginity goes beyond whether we’ve had physical sex or not.  Our true virginity is about our connection to the part of us that is always pure and intact, always whole and holy… The part of us that is inherently good.  That remains untouched even as we trip and stumble over the stones of life.

As Queens, our mission is to bring light to a dark world.  You are meant to transcend shame, guilt and bitterness… Not be crippled by it.

The fires of life are meant to refine you… not consume you.  Or make you cynical, bitter and untrusting.

In the legend of the Great Goddess Auset (Isis), fire was used to temper royal children… to help bring forth greater knowledge of self… To help bring forth their Divinity.

It’s all a part of the process.  But if you forget this sacred truth, the fires in your life can be destructive and tear you down…  Instead of building you into the Queen you are called to be.

My Sister, it’s time to shake off the victim veil…

To choose self-forgiveness over self-flagellation.

To choose self-love over self-loathing.


Like you, I’ve been through some things.

I’ve been let down, disappointed, deceived, abandoned, rejected, humiliated…

But I am so thankful for the fires… because it has produced pure gold.

Through abandonment, I learned I had Divine grace to stand on my own two feet…

Through injustice, I learned how to speak up effectively for myself…

Through rejection, I learned to see myself as the Creator sees me.  I am always loved and worthy.

Through betrayal, I became wiser and sharpened my discernment.

And through humiliation, I learned to be unapologetic about my brilliance.  I became comfortable in owning my highness.  And most importantly, I became more compassionate.

For sure, there are other trials ahead.  But no matter what happens…

I know who I am.

I am a Mother… and still a Virgin.

I am a woman who has decided that evil will not sour my heart.

I am reclaimed and made whole.

All because I remember now…

and I hope you will too…

The trials of life may affect you, but they can never destroy the truth of who you are.


Your Sister on the Path,


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{Goddess Wisdom} Reclaim Your Virginity. — 10 Comments

  1. when finding the words to identify with about yourselve, God allow somebody else words of expression to match what you trying to express to yourself… Thank u….

  2. It was so uplifting when I first read the intro to the Queen Code, I found my eyes fill with tears because I felt each and everything that was written was specially to me…for me.

  3. Hi Queen

    I want to say thank you. For your presence, purpose and light. For being an inspiration and leader.

    Your journey and teaching as i have followed you over the past 3 and a half years has been nothing but fulling and worth it.

    May God continue to guide and bless you on the positive path always.


  4. Thank you very much my sister , please pray with me. I need Gods favor upon my life . I need to experience Exodus 33;14 Genesis 18;14 i really need God to lift me up. To grow my business, i need to experience his promises. That is my prayer request. I know that is not the right platform but I believe if you pray with me things will happen.

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