{Goddess Wisdom} Peace begins with you…

Peace Queen,

Praise, bless, and speak life to everything around you.

Go through your home and bless your walls, your bed, and your kitchen: everything.

Any extreme negativity or fear that you may be experiencing right now is a gift in disguise.  In order to overcome, you are being asked to do battle, not in the physical realm, but in spirit.

Trade hurtful, spiteful words for words that give love, life, peace, and wholeness.  It may seem hard to do when you are hurting, but you have it in you.  It is easier to play the blame game, but you are being asked to step up to a different level of maturity as a woman.

The power to touch and the power to heal are a part of our feminine birthrightYou have the authority to set things straight. 

Peace begins with you

Shift from thinking that you are fighting an enemy to knowing the truth: “If there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do you no harm (African Proverb).


Stay committed.

Your Sister on the Path,



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  1. Thank you so much Queen code. You’re such a great inspiration to me. I appreciate you greatly. May God keep on strengthening you. *Keep Manifesting*

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