{Goddess Wisdom} Old You vs. New You

Peace Queen,

It’s time to loosen your grip on your old identity and open your hands and heart to the bigger vision that’s emerging.  You are so much more than the titles and positions that you hold.  There is more life waiting for you beyond what you’ve ever experienced.

Can you ease up just a bit…

To imagine that maybe, the brilliant life that awaits you in The Queendom Dimension, is an entirely new experience, a new way of being that requires your trust, faith and obedient action?

You may vacillate for years (maybe even decades, whoa!) outside the gates of The Queendom, trying to pass thru that narrow way, dragging all your emotional baggage behind you.

Your old identity has value.  The good, bad and ugly are all a part of your Divine story.  Your past has tempered you to the Woman you are today.

But now its time to start a new chapter.  This is the turning point in your story.  The part your Angels have been waiting on.  You are at the edge of your Great Return.

You are no longer (in spirit) the homeless, bag lady, sleeping on the perimeter of the Royal Path, pressing your face against the Queendom gates.

Get up from down there.

You are not displaced.  You have a home.  And it’s time to return.


Go to the Queendom within: your Heart.  Listen to It’s wisdom and act without delay.

Much Love to you this week…
Your Sister on The Path,


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