{Goddess Wisdom} Get Mad!

Peace Queen,

Oh, the power of Sacred Rage…  The transformation that happens when you’ve simply had enough.  One of the most painful wounds to heal is that of your own self-betrayal.  It can be a bitter moment when you look over your life and find that you are not where you belong… You are living beneath your potential…  And you realize…

It’s all your fault.

You may have endured some injustices at the hands of others, but ultimately it’s what we allow in our lives and what we allow to continue that disempowers us.

When you look over your life at the choices that led you to this place of stuckness and you can clearly see:

All the times you’ve allowed others to disrespect you.

All the times you’ve settled for less than best.

All the times you’ve hid your greatness for fear of what others would think.

All the times you’ve said “Yes” when you should have said “No”.

All the times you’ve said “No” when you should have said “Yes”.

All the times you played small, shrunk yourself to other’s approval and validation.

All the times you’ve betrayed the Great Goddess-Priestess-Queen in you

It should make you mad.  Don’t judge your anger.  Feel it.

Get mad!

One of the many attributes of the Goddess is Sacred Rage:  The kind of anger that propels you, inspires you to boldly move beyond your fears and comfort zone.  The kind of anger that’s channeled into construction (building) and not destruction.  The kind of anger that prompts you to finally make that leap because you can’t take it anymore.  You’re tired of living in a box.  You’re ready to use your wings.

The truth is, you are coming into your own as a full fledged, MATURE woman on a Divine missionThis is Breakout Season, and it’s time to leave our old immature ways behind.  It’s time to grow up and show up.  It’s time to put your big girl panties on and take responsibility for your life so that you can experience the fullness of your purpose.

So that you can reign like you’re supposed to.

No, it’s not arrogance.  But you know you’re better than this S%*#.

You have a throne to get back to… You’ve been away for too long.

Sacred Rage can move you out of your complacency.  Sacred Rage is the cold water that you need to finally jar you awake.  It’s time to make your anger and pain work for you, not against you. 

Get mad…

Get up…

Get moving.


Much Love to you this week…
Your Sister on The Path,


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  1. I thank you sooo very much for these encouraging words. I appreciate Queen Code to the utmost. I believe God is talking to me through your messages; ALL OF THEM! I wish there was a way to connect with you; talk with you. My finances are limited. I have four children and a marriage/relationship on the rocks of 17years. I had a vision where my cacoon was beginning to break. I have gain more strength day by day to show gratitude towards God(having spontaneous praise breaks) instead of focusing on the dos and donts of my husband. I accept him for who he is but I can no longer feel obligated to stay. We’re two magnets, oil and water but yet suffering like symptoms from life; depression, fear, immaturity, low self esteem, confidence, disrespect, etc. If there are any counsellors in the St. Louis area that you may know that you could refer me to that would be great! I’ve been planning to purchase your book for awhile now. But thank you again for your obedience to God and compassion for his people. You’re an amazing Queen!

  2. I want to say thank you so much you’ve been a great blessing to me i would love to become my Peace Queen and live and enjoy life to the fullest

  3. Thank you so much, my prayer is God help me to get mad and then show me what to do next. you said if I acknowledge you, You will direct my steps and on today I need directions.

  4. I’m so happy I found this side…It inspires me so much..The other day I had that feeling of emptness, although I’m a hard working woman, things just stay where it is, I also felt stuck ed. .I was asking myself, why am I feeling like this..where do I start? I’m also queen, and I’m more worth then what I’m going through also this moment. ..
    Thank you queen..

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