{Goddess Wisdom} Enough!

Peace Queen,

One of the most insidious forms of victimhood is not taking full responsibility for your thoughts.  How can you tell when you’ve fallen into this sneaky trap?  When your mind is out of control and you feel like your thoughts are thinking you.  You may feel like you’re literally going insane; like a prisoner trapped in your own body.  You so desperately want to break free, but the negative thoughts, old hurts from the past, conflicts and chaos play over and over in your mind like a broken record…  Stealing your energy, sapping your life force, leaving you distracted, contracted and numb to your life.


If you can relate to any of this, you need to take a stand now. Accept the fact that by letting your thoughts think you, you have relinquished your power.  Accept the fact that in the sneakiest of ways, you have played the victim… or even the martyr.  Forgive yourself, so you can move on.  No more self sabotage. No more distracting yourself from the journey of Queen Ascension. It’s you who gives permission for negative energies to interfere with your life.  And it is you who can draw a line in the sand… and with fierce, feminine power say, finally and firmly:


A lot of these negative thoughts and feelings play incessantly in your mind because they have not been properly acknowledged and dealt with.  What are you really mad about?  What caused your heart to break?  What are you not forgiving yourself for?  Admit it!  Feel it!  Get it out!  The simplest way to free your mind is by creating space to feel and release unprocessed emotions.

Every day when you awake… Take a deep, cleansing breath.  Acknowledge and greet the Creator.  Say good morning to your angels and heavenly guides.  Place your hand over your heart, where the true Queendom resides.  Connect with its wisdom.  Take another deep breath and ask yourself:  How are you feeling today?  What do you need today?  What should you release today?


Give thanks for where you are. Give thanks for where you’ve been.  Give thanks for where you’re going. Ask Divine Mother Love to go before you today. To remind you of Her protection, presence and guidance in each moment.


With intention, place both hands on your forehead and temples.  Lovingly, but firmly, give your mind this assignment:
Beautiful Mind, I thank you for supporting me on my journey to reign brilliantly as Queen.  I lovingly command your help today:   “Please focus your attention and show me all the things I love.  Please focus your attention and show me all the things I can be grateful for.  Thank you.”


Whatever it is: your dream car driving by, a loving couple enjoying their day, a new client, a new opportunity, a beautiful sunny afternoon, good health, a good meal… whatever it is… when you experience it, say “Yes!” and “Thank You!”  You are attuning your mind to The Queen Dimension.


You can transcend the dark hell of a chaotic mind, but first, you must take off the victim veil and reclaim your royal rights.  You have the power to shift your circumstances through your awareness.  You have the power to create worlds with your mouth.  Heart-felt intentions will put the mind in submission.


Much Love to you this week…
Your Sister on The Path,


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