{Goddess Wisdom} Awaken and return home to the Queendom.

Peace Queen,

You are a brave-hearted Woman full of Divine Feminine Magic.  Your evolution will give birth to the greatest spiritual renaissance that this world has yet to experience.

Through your ascension process… thru your spiritual evolution, you are meant to become a golden, brilliant Vessel for which Heaven comes to Earth.

Believe it; because it’s true.

If you slow down a bit… If you back away from all the noise and chaos, to tap into sacred silence, you will see that there are some significant events happening, in you and around you, that will bring you into full alignment with the higher truth of your existence.

Pay attention to these events.  Pay attention to the small details.  Attune your ear to Divine instruction and act swiftly in obedience.  When you do, you will find healing and grace that’s needed to end the incessant struggles and constant suffering that have distracted you from your purpose.

You must ascend now.  But know that ascension is not achieved by will power or human might.  Ascension happens thru your ability to be a great receiver.  To expand the capacity for how much love and compassion your heart can hold.

In this season you are being extended the gift of Grace to heal your heart, so that with humility, you are re-positioned to be of higher service to your family, your community and the world.

This is your birthright.  Did you forget? 

It is thru Grace that we can remember.  It is thru Grace that Prodigal Daughters awaken and return home to the Queendom, welcomed with open arms.  Receive and allow this Grace.  Give thanks for Grace.  In this season of your life, your path is being made clear.

Much Love to you this week…
Your Sister on The Path,


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