Awaken the Queen within… Remember who you are…


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Awaken the Queen within… Remember who you are… — 13 Comments

  1. Apparently I must have missed this message earlier. However,I am truly glad to have been blessed to be one of the chosen vessels to have received it now. Felt like you were speaking directly to me,and therefore I know this is what I need to focus on to bring what is essential for my priorities and to complete my God chosen purpose of this thing called life. Thank you for sharing. Love and blessings be unto you! ❤❤Namaste 👑👐

  2. Thank you, this was a wonderful surprise and encouraging. I’m thankful that you added me to this video. I needed to hear this.
    Peace Queen

  3. Dear MamaSistahQueen Molesey:
    Listening to ur message at this time was JUST what I needed right now. Divine intervention! In my heart I know this is my time for rebirth. U reminded me of my process; one of my sistahs whose in the spirit world always said “trust the process”; now I’m truly beginning to see and feel what she said with clarity.
    Thank u, MeDase Pa. Wearing the crown.

  4. You are the Queen! All Hail to The Queen! You are a Beautiful and Blessed Sister! Congratulations on your Rebirth, and Thank you for Sharing your Truth! Your Messages of Self-Love are always Inspiring, Uplifting and Life changing! GOD has Truly Blessed you to be a Vessel of Change for so many! You’re an Amazing Sister! May GOD continue to Shine HIS LIGHT upon you!! Grace and Peace upon you today and Always!!🙏🏾💜

  5. Let me tell you how GOD works…One day I was googling Queen quotes for inspiration and the Queen Code popped up. So I started reading and and I got to say is OMGOSH your messages was what I needed…I had just experienced a break up and the man (or lack there of) was not honoring me as the Queen that I am…But after reading your brilliant messages and passages I knew I had to get on board…I will forever follow you and all that you do.You are truly a GOD SEND to women like myself..Now I have a totally new outlook on my future and knowing no man can ever justify what was in me from birth is an incredible thing…I thank you for letting me know that a QUEEN is forever and to get my mindset back on track and I have done so..My inner lioness is back roaring!!!!….SISTA KEEP SPREADING YOUR LOVE TO WOMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD WITH YOUR WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE

  6. Yes dear Queen;
    It’s over. The worst is behind and it’s our choice to shake down the guilt and shame for whatever reasons may be weighing us down and to say yes to the new adventure that’s calling in the opportunity presented disguised as responsibility or some kind of work. The best way to see them is by being attached to oneself. (Looking within not without) and to let go of the blame game. Thanks for sharing your insights love you 💟💖💞

  7. I really believe we are in a season where portals are openning up for our advancement, healing, and restoration. This ia a time where faith will be renewed… A season of manifestation!!!! The best is yet to come.. Eyes have not seen nor ears heard… Be blessed. 👑

  8. I did see and listened. I am sorry I was not able to see live.

    As always, it was enlightening.

    I do want to say though, I have been reading and listening to you for a year or so and the inspiration is amazing. I was feeling pretty bad about life, people, career..

    Since listening to you, I have lost a ton of weight (going from 263 to 140 pounds). After 30 years in the legal field, I enrolled in online school and will be a licensed RE agent in a couple of weeks… I moved like a turtle, but won’t quit.

    The last 10 years have been insane. I held on and continue to hold onto God (and Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior).

    People tried to destroy me. It didn’t work. I’m still standing.

    I thank you. Please just know that you are very gifted.

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