{Goddess Wisdom} Its past time for a change…

Peace Queen,

There are some things that you’ve been dealing with for far too long…

There are some issues that you’ve been battling for too many years…

It’s PAST time for a change.

So what’s stopping your bold transformation?

Ultimately, we allow our fears of the unknown to get in the way.  We resist the uncomfortable growing pains that we know will surely come.  We resist letting go of people, places and things… because we’d rather be miserable in comfort, than face the uncertainty of the next dimension.

You’ve been vacillating long enough.  It’s time to break free of these self-imposed struggles.

So where do you start?

6 years ago, I made a deliberate decision to take the journey of reclaiming my throne.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Even though I was afraid of transformation, I was more afraid of becoming the type of woman that never fulfilled her dreams… never lived full out…

I was afraid of waking up one day to find that my life had passed me by.

So I took bold action.

I realized that transformation cannot happen unless you first make room for it. So I began to gradually purge my life of anything that was unnecessary or draining my energy.

Next, I realized that my biggest flaw was that I had been trying to journey on The Royal Path alone You cannot become yourself, by yourself.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so I sought help.  I got a mentor.  I invested in my personal development.  I created a circle of Mastermind Partners along with other Sister-Queens who were rising and ascending to their thrones.

In just a matter of months, I experienced great shifts in my life.  Doors were closed that would never be opened again.  Doors were opened that can never, ever be closed.  My life went from dull to brilliant in the twinkling of an eye.

Again… what started it all?

Making room for my transformation, investing in myself and surrounding myself with people that could help me elevate.

Queen, no matter where you are in life… no matter how low you have gotten, you can pick yourself up and be bold again.

YOU decide when to thrive.



Much Love to you this week…
Your Sister on The Path,

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